Customer Reviews

"It only took one Equestribar for me to get hooked on this nutritious, seriously crave-able, and perfectly filling bar. I'm a label-reader, so loved seeing wholesome, superfood ingredients like turmeric and sunflower seeds listed. Perfect for after - or even during - a long ride (or workout). I was famished when I had my first bar and it satiated me for hours. I will definitely be keeping Equestribar on hand for those moments when I need a quick and healthy snack/bar!" - Lauren Jacoby, D.C. Professional

"I love Equestribar! Helps me get through my long days at the barn without feeling hungry or skimping on nutrition, AND they taste great!" - Isabella Wolf, Polo Player
"I absolutely love the Equestribars. I'm writing this as I'm eating one right now...
It fills me up and sustains me for a long time. Especially before going to play polo or working out, it gives me energy and doesn't leave me jittery. I really like that it's not too sweet and the texture is nice, not hard but not too soft! Just right. Thanks so much for making a bar that is HEALTHY and not full of sugar. I will tell everyone I know about these bars, well done." - Mary Pat Guest, Executive Consultant, RODAN + FIELDS and Polo Player

"As a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, and full time equestrian athlete with celiac disease and IBS, who has taste tested just about every bar on the market, I have to say Equestribar is by far the best bar hands down! While it is designed for the equestrian athlete, this bar is well suited for any athlete, child, or adult at any age or fitness level. The ingredients are simple and clean: no chemicals or preservatives, nothing processed, no artificial colors/flavors, its all-natural, and organic non-GMO. Ideally, you want a bar that offers high quality protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. Equestribar meets all those requirements with low GI impact and is gluten free. The carb:protein ratio is also perfectly balanced for pre and post exercise needs. Equestribar has successfully sustained me through many intense training sessions and polo matches. Sure there are a few other bars on the market with these qualities but I guarantee none taste as good at Equestribar. The smooth, creamy, and crispy texture satisfies every taste bud without cramping my jaw like most bars. Whether you need a quick snack to hold you over, or if you’re replenishing your muscles after strenuous exercise, Equestribar is great choice!" - Cristina Parr, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified Nutritionist, and Polo Player